Golf Basics - What you Need to Know

Golf Basics - What you Need to Know

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The rules in golf are fairly simple if you already know them, however explaining them could take a while. If you are not very familiar with the basics, the first thing you would need to know would be the main objective of the game: you have to hit the ball at the start or at the tee into the hole for every section in the course's 18 sections or 18 holes.

The hole is located on the green, which is a piece of short and well-maintained grass. Once you are already on the green, you need to use your putter, which is the club that has a slab-like end, instead of your other normal clubs.

Every hole has a specified target number of shots to be done from the tee to the hole. This is called the par. For instance, if you are on a par 5 hole, you would need to get the ball from the tee to the hole in five shots or less. If you were able to do it with exactly the number of shots specified, then your score would be a par. If you did it in one less than the par, your score would be a birdie. If you did it in two less than the par, your score would be an eagle. Three below par would be called an albatross and the best score would be a hole in one, which happens if you were able to get the ball from the tee to the hole in one hit.

On the other hand, if you scored one more than the par then that would be a bogey. Two more than the par would be a double bogey. If you have tried for more that 12 shots, then you forfeit the hole. You would then have to move to the next hole.

Eventually, as you go through the game, there would be various hazards that you would have to deal with. If your ball lands on the rough, which is an area on the course that has long grass, you could find it difficult to move on from that area. There could also be trees on the rough of some courses, which could make them harder to get out of. The worst hazards would be the lakes and the ponds, because if you hit the ball into one, it would cost you the shot you took and another shot as a penalty, which would make it harder to reach par.

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